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Mold Removal Charlotte NC

Welcome to our page about our Mold Removal Charlotte company! Do you have a mold problem that you just can’t get rid of? Well I am here to assure you today that we are the one’s for the job! We will get it done right and fast!

Do you get sick and tired stressing about it coming back? Well we can help with that too. We can give you the ways needed to get rid of the mold permanently without having to worry and it is so simple and easy.

Just a few services we provide are mold removal, mold clean up, mold testing, mold inspection, mold remediation. We have so much to offer. We have mold specialists and professionals. We are a team that knows what we are doing and have no doubt in our minds ever on the job of what we should do. We always know!

About Mold Removal Charlotte

It is so very important to us that our team is honest and true with all of their work that they do. We train our employees to know exactly what to do in every situation. Whether that means the mold is so serious that the whole area that it is on has to be removed.

We know that the solution isn’t always something someone wants to hear, but it is important that it is done the right way every time. Sometimes it even calls for that even the customer can get rid of the mold without our help, just us telling them what to do. That way they have the option of saving the money and doing it themselves or still requiring us to take care of it.

We find it also key to keep our customers happy. We need their support for our business, so we love to show them how important they are. We do everything as if we are family. Our teammates are family and so are our customers. Showing them that we are listening and not letting what they say go through one ear and out the other ends up meaning a lot to our customers.

They can tell that we are taking them and their problem seriously and aren’t just shaking them off like some companies may do. Our product and service in our company is by far the best. We don’t let any stragglers hold us back. It is important to keep everything in tip top shape and not let anything have the chance of faltering.

Why Choose Mold Removal Charlotte?

Many customers have informed us how they choose us over other companies because of how important we make them feel. They love how fast we try to get to their location to take care of their problem so they don’t have to deal with it any longer than they have to.

Just some things that customers have told us that they love about our company are:

  • We are an insured company through all so that anyone with any kind of insurance can receive help from us and have it be affordable for them
  • We have all of our employees go through training to become certified professionals
  • We give tips and tricks on how to get rid of minor mold problems to save money for our customers if possible
  • We give them honest answers
  • We do a personal layout plan for them to know what to look for when it comes to their problem that we are finding a solution to
  • They love how much we communicate so they never feel left in the dark on what is going on

Our company has been around for many many years. We are an older company in our city. We are very familiar with our city and many know how great of work we do. We have been helping out our kind friends for years.

You are able to give us a call any day at any time for a free estimate and to receive more information that you may be wondering about. We can set up an appointment for you for whatever conveniences you the best.

mold remediation charlotte

What to Expect from Mold Removal Charlotte

We like to maintain perfect service at all times with no faltering. We expect our employees to give their very best every single day to never give our customers anything less than the best.

We love recommending the best products and equipment necessary for our customers, but we do keep in stock older stuff in case they may request it. We want everything to be in the best condition so even if it is older items we do keep them new and up to date.

Customers really love how hard working we are and how thorough we are with our work and how we don’t drag our feet on the project. We get it done and done right. We always double check our work to make sure we didn’t miss anything. Every step is just as important as the next.

When it comes to how the steps go in searching for our help you will call our company and they will get an appointment booked for you. Once our workers arrive at where you are at they will inspect the mold you are concerned about and check around to make sure there isn’t any other mold to be aware of.

Then they will test the mold to see how much they are working with and what the correct steps would be to take. After they clean up the mold to isolate it and then remove the mold. It can take 1-5 days depending on how bad the mold is. After the mold is removed they will show you how to keep the mold away completely twitch our remediation system.

Services Mold Removal Charlotte Provides

charlotte mold removal

Mold Removal Charlotte NC

Mold removal goes along with mold clean up Charlotte NC. To have the mold removal process be successful the mold clean up needs to be done. When the mold clean up is done its task is to remove anything that may be on the mold itself.

This way the mold is centered and focused on without anything taking away from it. This way we are able to 100% get rid of the mold. Many mold removal companies in Charlotte NC end up forgetting before doing the Charlotte mold removal part to do the clean up. It is absolutely necessary.

charlotte mold testing

Mold Testing Charlotte NC

Mold testing is done after all the mold is found and located.

The test will determine how much mold there is and what needs to be done to take care of it.

All mold situations are totally different and need to be handled carefully.

charlotte mold remediation

Mold Remediation Charlotte NC

Charlotte mold remediation is done once every single step has been 100% completed. This is where the customer needs to listen and pay the most attention, because we can help today, but we won’t be there to check in every day to make sure you are keeping up on the remediation part.

We will show you how to do it, and it is very simple. All you need to do is keep the area that grew mold, aired out, ventilated and have light coming in often enough to keep mold from forming.

charlotte mold inspection

Mold Inspection Charlotte NC

Mold inspection is done to find where all the mold may be lying in your home or business.

Our workers will of course acknowledge the mold problem you have called about, but they do do a thorough look around for any possible extra mold anywhere.

Whether it is lying on surfaces or in the air or on other walls.

About Charlotte NC

Charlotte is a major city and commercial hub in North Carolina. It is known for its financial and business hub. The sales tax rate is 7.3% and the income tax rate is 5.5%. The population of Charlotte is 872,498.

The cities surrounding Charlotte NC are:

  • Concord, NC
  • Gastonia, NC.
  • Hunbtersville, NC.
  • Indian Trail, NC.
  • Matthews, NC.
  • Cornelius, NC.
  • Mint Hill, NC.
  • Mount Holly, NC.
  • And Surrounding Areas..


"I had a bad mold problem that I just couldn’t seem to escape! So I finally decided to give Mold rEmoval Charlotte a call and they came within just a couple hours! They sat down with me and got a plan written out after inspecting the mold and testing it. I knew exactly what to expect which was awesome!

They showed me how to keep the mold from coming back and I am so grateful for the service they provided. Thank you!"

- Jason R.

"I have had a pink mold problem that just won’t go away no matter how many times I cleaned it over and over again. I would use simple green to wash my tubs. I finally decided to call Mold Removal Charlotte and they came and showed me the mixture I needed to make to get rid of the mold.

They then also showed me how to keep the mold away and how I should keep my bathroom ventilated as much as possible and to not shut the bathroom door after the shower had been used and to give it time to air out. Thanks for your service!"

- Jaime L.

"I had a mold company come in once before to get rid of the black mold in my attic. I took their word for it that it was gone, but after a couple months I went up there again and it was back. I decided to call a different mold company which led me to this one.

They did their work in such a careful and thorough way and then they showed me how to keep the mold from coming back into my attic. I haven’t had mold for months now! I appreciate the tips and for you guys taking time on your work."

- Tyson K.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you keep mold away?

You need to keep the area well ventilated and have some nice light coming in.

Does mold grow outside?

No mold doesn’t grow outside. That is exactly why we tell you the remediation process is done with air, ventilation and light. That is why mold is never found outside.

What are your company's hours?

We are open 24/7 so we are always available to help our customers when needed.

How long does it take to get rid of mold?

It can take anywhere from 1-5 days depending on the extent of the mold's seriousness.

Do you take any insurance?

Yes we are a completely insured company for our customers benefits so we can be affordable for anyone!

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We are a hardworking company that stands by our customers. We do all we can to make sure we leave our customers happy and that they feel like the money they paid was worth every single penny.

Give Mold Removal Charlotte a call today and get that free estimate going and set up an appointment and we will be there to make sure your home is toxic free of mold!

Mold Remediation Charlotte NC

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